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Job Description: Club Marketing

Committee Membership

Key Dates

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Position Overview

Club Marketing is the ambassadorial face of the roller hockey club's brand, aiming to amplify its presence and appeal both online and offline. Armed with innovative strategies, they tap into contemporary marketing avenues, including digital platforms, to bolster club memberships, sponsorships, and overall engagement. An amalgamation of creativity, keen knowledge of marketing tools, and stellar interpersonal skills are indispensable for this role.

Primary Responsibilities

Strategic Development: Craft and set in motion a holistic marketing strategy, tailor-made for the club's objectives and audience, with guidance from the National Marketing Committee.

Digital Engagement: Initiate and maintain club-specific social media profiles, ensuring a steady stream of engaging and interactive content that resonates with followers.

Promotional Endeavours: Collaborate with club stakeholders to conceive and disseminate captivating promotional materials, ranging from event flyers to game posters.

Sponsorship Drive: Scout, identify, and engage prospective sponsors, weaving in mutually beneficial partnerships.

Merchandise Oversight: Lead the orchestration and roll-out of club merchandise, ensuring quality and appeal, from team jerseys to fan-centric hats and shirts.


Communication Maverick: Exemplary communication and interpersonal acumen, facilitating both internal collaboration and external engagement.

Digital Savvy: Expertise in harnessing the power of social media platforms and other cutting-edge marketing tools.

Industry Expertise: A background in marketing, advertising, social media or similar discipline is highly desirable.

Organisational Wizard: Stellar organisational skills complemented by adept time management.

Collaborative Spirit: The ability to flourish both in solo endeavours and in a team-driven environment.

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