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National Match Officials Committee

Committee Membership

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Every association competition relies on the contribution of volunteer referees and timekeepers from our clubs. Their active involvement ensures fair and smoothly executed games.

When officiating standards rise, an environment of fair play thrives and match competitiveness is enhanced. Likewise, referees and timekeepers benefit from clear guidelines, heightened respect from players, team officials and spectators.

The Match Officials Committee is pivotal to driving these improvements, with prime focus on amplifying the efforts of clubs in their recruitment and professional development endeavours for match officials.Through meticulously designed training modules, exhaustive resources, and unwavering support, we strive to elevate the officiating experience.

Primary Responsibilities

Club Collaboration: Forge robust partnerships with clubs, highlighting their essential contribution in providing match officials, ensuring continuous dialogue, and mutual growth.

Skill Enhancement: Roll out comprehensive training programs specifically designed to address the unique challenges faced by referees and timekeepers, ensuring they are adept at handling diverse game scenarios.

Tool Distribution: Equip clubs with cutting-edge tools, resources, and knowledge, aimed at facilitating the nurturing and growth of their match official contingents.

Uniform Officiating Guidelines: Design and promote standard officiating protocols, guaranteeing uniformity in decision-making across all association games.

Continuous Assistance: Provide a dedicated helpline and support system to promptly address any challenges, queries, or concerns raised by clubs or individual match officials.

Constructive Feedback Channels: Initiate a systematic two-way feedback mechanism, allowing match officials to both receive constructive critiques and voice their insights.

Conflict Resolution: Put in place transparent, efficient, and equitable procedures to mediate and resolve any officiating discrepancies or conflicts.

Match Official Well-being: Foster an environment that safeguards the physical, emotional, and mental well-being of every match official, ensuring they have necessary resources and support.

Accolades and Recognition: Implement a robust recognition system to laud the dedication, expertise, and standout performances of match officials, bolstering their motivation.

Regulatory Updates: Stay abreast of global officiating trends and standards, integrating the best practices to ensure the association remains at the forefront of match officiation.

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