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Job Description: National President

Committee Membership

Key Dates

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Position Overview

The National President is the principal leader of England Roller Hockey, responsible for guiding the strategic direction and overseeing the holistic growth of roller hockey throughout England.

Primary Responsibilities

Strategic Leadership: Drive the growth and evolution of roller hockey in England, setting clear, strategic objectives.

Vision and Direction: Collaborate with the Board and NEC to establish the associations vision, ensuring alignment with the sport's core values and objectives.

Representation: Act as the primary spokesperson for England Roller Hockey in both national and international settings, advocating for the sport's best interests.

Stakeholder Engagement: Cultivate robust relationships with essential stakeholders, including members, sponsors, and partners.

Revenue Generation: Spearhead fundraising campaigns and explore new revenue opportunities to bolster the sport's growth and development.

Compliance & Risk Management: Ensure the association remains compliant with all pertinent regulations, addressing legal and risk-related challenges proactively.

Governance and Management: Oversee the creation and enforcement of policies and protocols that underpin effective organisational governance and management.

Organisational Culture: Advocate for a welcoming, inclusive, and positive environment within England Roller Hockey, ensuring it remains approachable and supportive for all members.

Mentorship and Support: Offer guidance and mentorship to the Board, NEC, and other volunteers, bolstering their development and capabilities.


Leadership Background: Proven leadership experience, ideally within sports organizations or comparable sectors.

Sport Expertise: Comprehensive knowledge of roller hockey and the broader sports environment in England.

Communication Prowess: Exceptional communication and relationship-building abilities.

Strategic Planning: Demonstrable experience in formulating strategic plans, revenue generation, and effective budget management.

Legal Acumen: Familiarity with legal and risk management considerations, paired with a proactive approach to compliance and risk mitigation.

Cultural Advocacy: Dedication to nurturing an inclusive, positive organisational culture.

Availability: Preparedness to fulfil the position's demands, including participating in meetings and events outside standard business hours.

Passion: A genuine love for roller hockey and an unwavering commitment to its prosperity and success within England.

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