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National Competitions Committee

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Organising competitions demands meticulous planning, coordination, and execution. The National Competitions Committee holds the mandate to ensure the integrity, fairness, and smooth conduct of every game, creating a rewarding experience for all participants, from players and officials to spectators.

The committee's role extends beyond just setting competition parameters—it's about elevating the association's delivery of competitions and enhancing the experience of all.

From grassroots tournaments to grand international events, the Committee's commitment to excellence remains unwavering, always aiming to reflect the high standards of the association.

Primary Responsibilities

Competition Formats and Rules: Design and roll out competition structures that resonate with the association's mission, laying emphasis on player progression, sportsmanship, and strict adherence to international roller hockey standards.

Player Eligibility and Registration: Vigilantly monitor and validate the registration statuses of all players, teams, and officials partaking in matches, ensuring full compliance with the association's stipulations.

Scheduling and Logistics: Oversee the calendar of all competitions, ensure suitable venues, and the timely arrangement and functionality of required facilities and equipment.

Referee and Official Management: Coordinate the assignment of match officials to specific games, closely working with the National Match Officials Committee and the National Team Officials Committee to continually refine standards.

Performance Analysis and Enhancement: Undertake detailed evaluations of competition outcomes, solicit feedback from a broad spectrum of stakeholders, and strategise for continuous refinement.

Dispute and Complaint Resolution: Establish and operationalise clear methodologies for addressing competition-related grievances, ensuring transparent, prompt, and just resolutions.

Event Planning and Execution: Orchestrating region and national competitions, and supporting association hosting of international tournaments.

Event Promotion and Marketing: Join hands with the National Marketing Committee, to disseminate match stories contributed by participating teams, aiming for heightened engagement and amplified interest.

Safety and Risk Management: Adhere to rigorous safety measures, perform routine risk assessments, and ascertain the safety certification of all game equipment.

Emergency Action Planning: Craft exhaustive emergency protocols detailing necessary actions during unexpected contingencies, guaranteeing the safety and welfare of all attendees.

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