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Club executive Committee


At the heart of roller hockey's vitality, the Club Executive Committee serves as a catalyst for club empowerment and collective progress. By establishing a framework of focused leadership, harmonious collaboration, and steadfast adherence to guidelines, this committee empowers club officers to wholeheartedly engage in their roles, while ensuring effective oversight for optimal outcomes.

This committee functions as a dynamic forum where elected representatives from the club unite their diverse talents to set a definitive course for the club's success. With a robust emphasis on constructive autonomy within established boundaries, the committee drives the club's pursuits while championing the broader goals of the sport.

Primary Responsibilities

Strategic Guidance: Craft and refine the club's strategic vision, charting a trajectory that aligns with both club aspirations and the overarching objectives of the sport.

Operational Framework: Develop and update operational policies and guidelines that provide a clear roadmap for club activities, ensuring consistency and transparency.

Performance Monitoring: Oversee and assess the club's progress across various dimensions, facilitating adaptive strategies that keep the club on a path of growth.

Financial Oversight: Supervise the club's financial landscape, encompassing prudent budgeting and comprehensive financial reporting to safeguard its fiscal health.

Regulatory Adherence: Uphold unwavering adherence to association rules, legal mandates, ethical standards, and industry regulations, maintaining the club's ethical and legal integrity.

Stakeholder Relationships: Foster meaningful connections with key stakeholders, including members, sponsors, partners, and the local community, to amplify the club's impact.

Player and Coach Development: Lead initiatives to elevate player and coach skills, emphasising growth and fostering an environment of continuous improvement.

Event Coordination: Strategise, organise, and execute club events, recruitment competitions, and gatherings that foster camaraderie and a strong sense of belonging.

Resource Management: Ensure the efficient management of club resources, facilities, and equipment, making them accessible and well-maintained for all members.

Unity and Harmony: Cultivate an atmosphere of unity and cooperation among club members, fostering a shared purpose and inclusive club culture.

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