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Job Description: National Marketing

Committee Membership

Key Dates

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Position Overview

The role of National Marketing is instrumental in shaping and broadcasting the ethos of England Roller Hockey. Entrusted with this role is the mandate to design dynamic marketing strategies that accentuate the organization's presence, grow its membership, and magnetize potential sponsors and collaborators.

Primary Responsibilities

Strategic Planning: Design a robust marketing blueprint that complements the primary objectives and vision of the association.

Team Stewardship: Orchestrate the marketing ensemble, fostering a culture of innovation, collaboration, and excellence.

Branding Stewardship: Guard and evolve the associations brand persona, ensuring consistency and resonance across touchpoints.

Multimedia Engagement: Oversee the creation of a multifaceted content library, encapsulating both digital vectors such as social media and traditional channels like brochures.

Digital Dominance: Curate and enliven the associations online presence, ensuring content relevance, engagement, and brand consistency.

Event Spotlight: Work in tandem with other committees to spotlight and elevate the profile of upcoming tournaments and initiatives.

Alliance Building: Cement enduring alliances with sponsors and strategic partners, continuously broadening the associations collaborative horizon.

Metrics Mastery: Keep a pulse on marketing metrics, distilling insights to recalibrate and finetune outreach strategies.


Marketing Maestro: Established expertise in the vast realm of marketing and communications, ideally with a tilt towards sports or similar industries.

Guided Leadership: Evidenced ability to lead with vision, nurturing and galvanising a diverse team towards shared milestones.

Articulation Aptitude: Mastery in communicating, both in written and verbal domains, with a natural flair for building connections.

Digital Dynamo: Acquainted deeply with the digital realm, showcasing fluency in managing and optimising online platforms.

Branding Brilliance: A nuanced understanding of brand ideologies, narratives, and their cascading effects.

Network Navigator: Proven skills in establishing, nurturing, and maximising sponsorship and partnership networks.

Data-Driven Decision Making: An analytical mindset, embracing metrics to guide informed and impactful decisions.

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