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Job Description: Club President

Committee Membership

Key Dates

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Position Overview

The Club President serves as the cornerstone of a Roller Hockey Club, orchestrating the club's multifaceted operations to ensure optimal functioning. This role demands a dynamic blend of leadership, communication acumen, and a fervent zeal for Roller Hockey.

Primary Responsibilities

Leadership Provision: Offer strategic direction and leadership to the Club Executive Committee and club members.

Financial Oversight: Ensure the club's fiscal health, securing adequate resources for streamlined operations.

Stakeholder Relations: Cultivate and sustain bonds with pivotal stakeholders: sponsors, community allies, and other key entities.

Member Liaison: Serve as the principal contact for Club members, extending guidance and support when needed.

Regulatory Adherence: Ensure stringent adherence to all pertinent policies, procedures, and standards, especially those dictated by governing bodies.

Event Coordination: Collaborate with club officers in planning and executing events, from games and tournaments to social gatherings.

Club Representation: Champion the club's interests in various meetings and events, spanning local community interactions to national engagements.


Leadership Prowess: Demonstrated leadership acumen complemented by experience in steering and inspiring teams.

Communication Mastery: Stellar written and oral communication capabilities.

Sportive Knowledge: Profound understanding of Roller Hockey, coupled with an aptitude for its effective promotion.

Financial Insight: Grasp on financial stewardship principles, including budgeting nuances.

Relationship Building: Aptitude for forging and nurturing ties with varied stakeholders and community collaborators.

Regulatory Familiarity: Acquaintance with pertinent policies, guidelines, and standards.

Commitment: An unwavering dedication to invest time and vigour in the club ventures.

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