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Region executive Committee


Roller hockey's vitality emanates from its clubs, and the Region Executive Committee serves as the pivotal bridge connecting clubs within its jurisdiction. With a central emphasis on fostering cooperation and collaboration, the committee supports dedicated volunteers and cultivates the proficiency of officials while orchestrating the organisation and execution of competitions, through club cooperation.

The Region Executive Committee functions as a collaborative forum for elected roleholders to report and then synergise their efforts, ensuring a thriving regional club ecosystem, honed officials, and an evolving sport.

Primary Responsibilities

Vision Crafting: Define and refine the strategic goals for the advancement of roller hockey within the region, charting a course for sustained growth.

Policy Framework: Develop and periodically update operational policies and guidelines that underpin the region's activities, promoting consistency and adherence to defined rules.

Performance Oversight: Monitor and assess the performance of various organisational units, including clubs and region committees, ensuring alignment with set objectives.

Financial Stewardship: Supervise the region's financial operations, encompassing budget formulation and financial reporting to ensure prudent resource management.

Regulatory Adherence: Ensure unwavering compliance with association rules, legal requirements and industry standards, maintaining the region's credibility and integrity.

Stakeholder Relations: Cultivate and nurture relationships with crucial stakeholders, including sponsors, partners, association and clubs, fostering collaboration.

Player & Coach Advancement: Support initiatives that elevate the skills and competence of players and coaches, nurturing a culture of continuous improvement.

Competition Management: Ensure roller hockey competitions across the region, guaranteeing consistent standards and equitable play.

Match Official Dynamics: Ensure oversight for the training, deployment, and performance of referees and other match officials, ensuring fair and professional officiating.

Cooperation and Collaboration: Facilitate cooperation among clubs, committees, and officials, orchestrating efforts that drive efficiency and harmony within the roller hockey ecosystem.

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