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Job Description: Region Treasurer

Committee Membership

Key Dates

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Position Overview

The Region Treasurer stands as the guardian of the region's financial health, meticulously overseeing its monetary transactions and ensuring impeccable financial governance. This role entails the precision in financial record-keeping, reporting, and establishing robust financial controls.

Primary Responsibilities

Financial Record-Keeping: Uphold detailed and accurate financial records for the region.

Reporting: Prepare and present comprehensive financial reports to the regional committee.

Transaction Oversight: Ensure every financial transaction is authorized and documented appropriately.

Budget Management: Draft and oversee the region's financial blueprint.

Banking Management: Handle and reconcile all bank accounts and financial statements.

Policy Compliance: Guarantee adherence to established financial policies and protocols.

Fund Handling: Oversee the collection and distribution of finances for regional events and activities.

Collaboration: Work closely with the national Treasurer regarding financial matters that touch upon the region.


Financial Acumen: Profound financial management skills, supported by relevant experience.

Software Knowledge: Familiarity with contemporary financial software and tools.

Organisational Expertise: Excellent organisational and record-keeping skills.

Detail-Oriented: Exceptional attention to detail, emphasising accuracy.

Communication Proficiency: Effective communication and interpersonal abilities.

Team Dynamics: Capability to function autonomously and collaboratively within a team.

Organisational Alignment: A steadfast commitment to the associatons objectives and values.

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