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Job Description: Region Competitions

Committee Membership

Key Dates

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Position Overview

Serving as the backbone for regional competitive events, Region Competitions is entrusted with the meticulous planning and supervision of competitions. Ensuring fairness, seamless organisation, and strict adherence to the sport's rules and guidelines, this committee’s work is pivotal for maintaining the integrity of the sport at the regional level.

Primary Responsibilities

Event Organization: Spearhead the organisation of regional competitions and tournaments.

Regulation Development: Craft and execute competition-specific rules and guidelines.

Eligibility Checks: Certify that participating teams and athletes align with eligibility criteria.

National Coordination: Liaise with the National Competitions Committee to ensure uniformity in competition rules and protocols.

Dispute Management: Evaluate and settle any contestations or grievances tied to regional competitions, or refer them to the National Disciplinary Committee.

Marketing Collaboration: Partner with Region Marketing to heighten the visibility of regional competitions , regional participation in national and international competition, and augment participation.


Sporting Insight: Comprehensive grasp of the sport’s rules and regulations.

Event Expertise: Prior experience in conceptualising and supervising competitions.

Organisational Mastery: Robust organisational and communication capabilities.

Collaborative Aptitude: Demonstrated ability to work synergistically with fellow committee members and key stakeholders.

Fair Play Advocacy: Profound understanding of the essence of fair play and sportsmanship within competitive settings.

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