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Job Description: National Treasurer

Committee Membership

Key Dates

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Position Overview

The National Treasurer holds a strategic role within the association. Entrusted with the comprehensive financial stewardship of the association, the National Treasurer ensures financial sustainability, transparency, and integrity. Serving not only in a financial capacity but as an integral member of the Board of Directors, the Treasurer collaborates at the highest levels to guide the associations mission and vision.

Primary Responsibilities

Budgeting and Financial Planning: Design and uphold a robust, realistic budget and financial strategy, with consistent monitoring to maintain its alignment with association objectives.

Revenue Generation and Sponsorship: Pioneer and optimise revenue channels, which can encompass sponsorships, merchandise sales, and ticketing initiatives. Create compelling sponsorship packages with the National Marketing Committee that yield mutual benefits.

Expense Management and Controls: Implement and enforce strict financial policies and procedures, ensuring each expense aligns with association goals and remains judicious.

Fundraising and Grant Applications: Spearhead fundraising activities and grant proposal efforts, making a compelling case for the support of roller hockey. Ensure each application aligns with the specific criteria of potential donors or grant organisations, working closely with relevant committees.

Financial Management for International Competitions: Designate and monitor funds specifically for international tournaments, ensuring every penny is accounted for, from team travel to game-day expenses.

Board Participation and Policy Development: As a pivotal Board of Directors member, actively participate in policy formulation, organisational strategy, and other core discussions affecting the larger trajectory of the association.


Financial Acumen: Demonstrated experience in budget creation, financial management, and organisational funding.

Strategic Thinking: Ability to envision and execute long-term financial strategies that align with the associations objectives.

Collaborative Leadership: Proven experience in working closely with committees, boards, and diverse stakeholder groups.

Policy Adherence: Thorough understanding of financial regulations, standards, and best practices in sports administration.

Communication Skills: Proficiency in distilling complex financial data into clear, actionable insights for varied audiences.

Organisational Commitment: A genuine passion for the growth, promotion, and success of roller hockey in England.

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