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Job Description: Club Match Officials

Committee Membership

Key Dates

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Position Overview

Club Match Officials stand at the forefront of ensuring that the spirit and rules of roller hockey are upheld. As the guardians of fair play and integrity, they manage all facets linked to match officiating within the club, from training new officials to evaluating the seasoned ones. Their collaboration with the National Match Officials Committee representative is pivotal to ensuring that the club remains compliant with overarching rules and standards.

Primary Responsibilities

Official Onboarding: Scout, recruit, and train a robust team of referees and timekeepers primed for games and tournaments.

Scheduling Mastery: Efficiently schedule referees and officials for the myriad games and tournaments the club partakes in.

Match Preparedness: Certify that every referee and official is aptly equipped and ready for their match-day roles.

Compliance Partnership: Foster a close working relationship with Region Match Officials, ensuring consistent rule adherence.

Performance Analysis: Spearhead evaluations of referees and timekeepers, ensuring they consistently meet the club's performance benchmarks.

Conflict Management: Handle and resolve any grievances or concerns associated with the performance of referees or timekeepers.

Record Maintenance: Meticulously maintain records concerning referee assignments, performance evaluations, and training sessions.

Logistical Coordination: Collaborate seamlessly with club counterparts, ensuring smooth logistics for referee and official deployments.


Leadership & Communication: Possess outstanding leadership capabilities, complemented by effective communication prowess.

Sport Knowledge: Deep-seated understanding of roller hockey rules and tenets.

Official Experience: Proven background as an accredited roller hockey referee.

Crisis Management: Expertise in managing high-pressure situations and deftly resolving conflicts.

Detail-Oriented: An unwavering attention to detail paired with impeccable organisational abilities.

Game Presence: Availability to attend, oversee, and manage games and tournaments as required.

Confidentiality: Adeptness in treating sensitive information with the discretion it deserves.

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