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Job Description: Region Marketing

Committee Membership

Key Dates

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Position Overview

Region Marketing is the linchpin for directing and orchestrating regional marketing endeavours. Their focus is to ensure alignment with the strategies and visions set forth by the National Marketing Committee, maintaining consistency in branding and messaging throughout all regions.

Primary Responsibilities

Strategic Planning: Craft and execute a region-centric marketing strategy, harmonising it with the broader national vision.

Campaign Management: Oversee regional marketing campaigns and specialised initiatives to boost visibility and engagement.

Club Collaboration: Partner with local clubs and teams to amplify their events and activities.

National Cohesion: Work closely with the National Marketing Committee, fostering uniformity in branding and communication across all regions.

Performance Evaluation: Assess and optimise the region's marketing endeavours, ensuring effectiveness and reach.

Reporting: Provide comprehensive updates to both Region Executive Committee and the National Marketing Committee regarding marketing operations and outcomes.


Leadership Excellence: Robust leadership and communication prowess.

Marketing Expertise: Prior experience in marketing, ideally within the sports or events domain.

Branding Insight: Solid understanding of branding principles and coherent messaging.

Team Dynamics: Demonstrated ability to collaborate seamlessly with committees and teams.

Regional Familiarity: Profound knowledge of the region's roller hockey landscape and its inherent community.

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