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Job Description: Region President

Committee Membership

Key Dates

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Position Overview

The Region President heads the designated region, overseeing its comprehensive management and administration. As a vital member of the National Executive Committee (NEC), this role demands exemplary leadership, communication, and organizational abilities to efficiently guide and aid the region's clubs and their respective programs.

Primary Responsibilities

Region Management: Direct and oversee the region's operations, programs, and services.

NEC Representation: Represent the region within the NEC, actively participating in meetings and aiding in shaping and executing national policies, strategies, and blueprints.

Collaboration: Work synergistically within the region and with NEC members to fulfil the missions and aims of the association.

Club Support: Offer leadership and backing to the region's clubs and their initiatives, encompassing coaching, player growth, contests, and officiating.

Stakeholder Relations: Cultivate and sustain positive affiliations with stakeholders, including clubs, players, coaches, officials, and sponsors.

Advocacy: Champion roller hockey and the region on local, national, and global platforms.

Policy Adherence: Ensure strict observance of association rules, guidelines, and procedures.

Financial Oversight: Supervise the region's fiscal matters, covering budgeting, fiscal reporting, and revenue generation efforts.


Leadership Acumen: Robust leadership and management capabilities; prior experience in a comparable role is advantageous.

Communication Excellence: Outstanding communication and interpersonal proficiencies.

Financial Expertise: Proficient in financial management, including budgeting, reporting, and fundraising endeavours.

Sport Insight: Comprehensive understanding of roller hockey, with emphasis on coaching, player evolution, competitions, and officiating.

Team Collaboration: Demonstrated ability to synergize with a spectrum of stakeholders and teams.

Sport Passion: A fervent enthusiasm for roller hockey and its progression.

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