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Job Description: Club Secretary

Committee Membership

Key Dates

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Position Overview

The Club Secretary plays a pivotal role in managing the club's administrative dynamics. They function as the chief link between the club and the national governing body while effectively disseminating crucial information to club officers and members.

Primary Responsibilities

Record Maintenance: Preserve meticulous records of club endeavors, encompassing financial data, minutes of meetings, and member specifics.

Player Registration: Coordinate the enlistment of players and teams with the association.

Governing Body Liaison: Engage proactively with the National Secretary on aspects like scheduling, rule adherence, and disciplinary actions.

Club Communication: Relay pivotal data to club members, spotlighting imminent matches, gatherings, and training junctures.

Meeting Orchestration: Organise club meetings, guaranteeing the meticulous documentation and dissemination of minutes to pertinent stakeholders.

Event Assistance: Provide support in orchestrating club-centric events and fundraising drives.


Organisational Acumen: Proficiency in systematic organisation and communication.

Detail Oriented: An innate inclination towards meticulousness.

Autonomy: The capacity to operate independently with minimal supervision.

Relevant Experience: Prior exposure to administrative chores or an affiliation with roller hockey can amplify the candidate's aptness for the role.

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