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National Finance & Administration Committee

Committee Membership

Key Dates

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Administration and finance play a pivotal role in the associations smooth operation and sustainable growth. These domains form the backbone that ensures transparency, efficiency, and accountability in the association. The committees collective endeavours span from intricate financial planning and revenue generation to adherence to constitutional guidelines and fostering member relations.

Primary Responsibilities

Finance Responsibilities

Budgeting and Financial Planning: Construct a comprehensive budget matching anticipated revenues and expenses, and undertake regular assessments for financial agility.

Revenue Generation and Sponsorship: Cultivate diverse revenue avenues, such as sponsorships, merchandise, and ticket sales, and design sponsorship packages that foster mutual growth.

Expense Management and Controls: Introduce and uphold strict policies for judicious expense management, with a rigorous regime of tracking and reporting.

Fundraising and Grant Applications: Orchestrate fundraising activities and explore grant opportunities, ensuring applications align with the specific criteria of each funding source.

Procedures for International Competitions: Formulate distinct financial strategies for international events, including dedicated budgets, meticulous expense monitoring, and team expense management.

Administration Responsibilities

Constitution and Bylaws: Regularly revisit and refine the associations foundational governance documents to remain relevant and effective in changing landscapes.

Annual General Meeting and Elections: Systematically organise the AGM to assess past performances, conduct officer elections, and strategise for the forthcoming season, emphasising comprehensive stakeholder engagement.

Board of Directors and Committees: Support the strategic direction, operational oversight, and adherence to association goals of committees.

Handling Misconduct or Ethical Violations: Ensure the highest standards of ethical conduct are upheld across the board. Implement stringent policies on misconduct, ensuring a systematic, transparent approach to addressing violations.

Addressing Grievances and Conflicts: Provide a structured and equitable platform for members to raise concerns and conflicts, with an emphasis on swift, constructive resolutions.

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